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Per ft2 of floorplan
Per ft2 of the Facade

What's included in Interior package?

For every apartment you're getting:

  • 1 Virtual tour showcasing all rooms and window views     preview
  • 1 3D rotating floorplan with interactive rotation     preview
  • 10-15 Renderings of the interior of apartment     preview
  • 1 Stylized 2D floorplan with informations     preview
What's included in Exterior package?
Our team creates a detailed 3D model of your building, adding textures, greenery, and people to bring it to life. We also adjust lighting and shadows to achieve the desired mood.

  • 2 high-quality exterior renderings of your building from different angles that are ready for use in marketing campaigns. These renderings are incredibly realistic and will help showcase the beauty and potential of your property. preview
Whats the final product that I get?
For interior package:
  • Virtual tours and 3D rotating floorplan:
    We will provide you with a ZIP file containing all the necessary elements to upload the virtual tours on your website. If you don't have a website, we're creating a subdomain on the Marsel website where we will store all your virtual tours. You can then use that subdomain as your website for sales.

    Subdomain examples:

  • Renderings:
    You will receive high-quality JPG images in 2k resolution.

  • Stylized 2D floorplan:
    You will receive a PDF with a 2D layout of the apartments, including all the necessary information such as the name and address of the building, room types, square footage of the rooms, and contact information for sales.

  • For exterior package:
  • Exterior Renderings:
    You will receive high-quality JPG images in 4k resolution.
  • 10% discount?
    Our team is currently offering a special promotion where you can receive a 10% discount on our packages by embedding a small Marsel logo on the images we provide. The logo is typically placed in the bottom left or right corner.

    Need visuals for new real estate developement?