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Prvomajska & Esperanta

G.P."CENZAR" d.o.o.

About The Project

Client: G.P."CENZAR" d.o.o.

Project: Prvomajska & Esperanta

Year: 2019

Website: www.cenzar.rs

1. Project Goal
"Cenzar" in Subotica, engaged our firm during the early stages of building design with the objective of bringing their vision to life. Their goal was to showcase their project to the public and generate interest through the use of promotional visuals, allowing them to begin the process of apartment reservations.
2. The Project
In the following weeks, our team worked closely with the architect to finalize the design of the building's facade. Through a series of revisions and adjustments, we ultimately arrived at a polished final design that both the architect and our team were pleased with. The iron canopy above the entrance, the natural motif-inspired fence, and the recessed top floor all contributed to a unique and striking aesthetic.
3. Marketing Strategy
The next crucial step was to present the building to the public and commence apartment reservations. Together with the investors, a comprehensive marketing plan was devised including:
• Brand And A Logo Of The Facility
• Visuals Presenting Front And The Back Of The Facade
• Penthouse Visuals (with a view)
• Interior Visuals (witha window view)
• 3D Rotating Floor Plans
• Social Media Material
• 2D Floor Plans
• Small And Large Brochure For Sales
• Construction Board
• Billboard
• Virtual Tour Of The Penthouse

To supplement the marketing efforts, a brochure detailing the location of the building, with a particular focus on the history of the street, was written by Dejan Mrkić, a member of the Historical Archive of the city of Subotica.
4. Result
All of the apartments were sold prior to the completion of construction.

Delivered Material For Sale

Prodajna osnova stana u novogradnji sa prikazanom kvadraturom stana, rasporedom prostorija na 2D osnovi stana i pozicijom u zgradi. Brendirano logoom zgrade i klijenta. Priprema za štampu Marsel Team
Floor Plan (Top View)
Branded with a name and a logo, Prvomajsa & Esperanta. The apartments are created with the same colors as the brand, and a realistic position in the building and the square footage of the rooms.
3D osnova stana u novogradnji prikazana na prodajnoj osnovi koju je Marsel Team pripremio za investitora Cenzar gradnja Subotica. Na 3D tlocrtu, prikazan je nameštaj, raspored prostorija i opis karakteristika. Prodajna osnova se koristi u svrhe prodaje stanova u novogradnji.
Floor Plan (Back View)
View of the 3D layout of the apartment with highlighted specifics. Materialization and dimensions of the walls, French windows, wrought iron fence, underfloor heating.
Prodajna brošura velikih dimenzija i u tvrdom povezu naprvljena u svrhu prodaje stanova. Brošura sadrzi 3D vizuale i rendere enterijera i eksterijera kao i 2D i 3D osnove tlocrte stanova.
Brochure (Large)
All visuals of the object are shown, such as, the location on the map, historical photos of the street, offer for all apartments and a review of the story of the investor's development path.
Mala brošura sa prikazom rendera prednje fasade objekta Prvomajska Esperanta investitora Cenzar. Brošura sadrži i mapu lokacije i udaljenosti do važnih objekata. Marsel Team
Brochure (Small)
Presentation of the building, location and apartments in the offer. A small brochure was used to sell apartments while a large one was being developed.
Logo i brending nekretnine Prvomajska Esperanta. Loko osmislio Marsel Team za Cenzar gradnju
Logo Of The Building
It incorporates the first letters of the name of the street on which the building is being constructed. Prvomajska and Esperanta. Leaf motifs, presented as shapes that will be part of the terrace fences, received their deserved place in the object's logo.
Izgled bilborda koji služi kao reklama za objekat u izgradnji.
Initially, the billboard positions were placed on the facades of houses that are due for demolition. Later on, it was decided to make a special support structure for the billboard, which is placed above the construction site fences.
Sajt za objekat u novogradnji. Zgrada u izgradnji imena Prvomajska Esperanta. Sajt sadrži vizualne prikaze i rendere enterijera i eksterijera. Marsel
Web Site
A site with a domain cenzar.rs is developed for the purpose of presenting all of the investors buildings, as well as the current building who's apartments are being sold.
2D osnova tlocrt stana na poslednjoj etaži penthous za koji je Marsel Team napravio virtualnu turu
Virtual Tour Of The Penthouse
When an investor approached us with the information that they have a potential buyer of a penthouse, but the buyer is located in Switzerland - we knew exactly what solution to offer. Click To View The Virtual Tour
Gradilišna tabla sa prikazom rendera prednje fasade zgrade u novogradnji
Construction Board
The preparation for the printing of the construction site board was made.