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Su-Prospect d.o.o.

About The Project

Client: Su-Prospect d.o.o.

Project: Arhitop d.o.o.

Year: 2021

Website: www.su-prospect.rs

1. The tight deadline
Our team at Marsel was approached by SuProspect in the summer of 2021 with the task of creating architectural visualizations for a new residential building they were developing in the city center. At the time, the client only had early stage architectural drawings and a tight deadline to begin selling the apartments before the end of the year.
2. The work
We immediately got to work, collaborating closely with SuProspect to understand their vision and bring the project to life through detailed 3D renderings. Our team worked diligently to create a series of visually stunning images that accurately represented the proposed building, including exterior views, virtual tours, interior shots, and detailed floor plans.

Visuals For a Christmas Marketing Campaign

1. The Resault
The client was extremely pleased with the final product, and thanks to our team's efforts, was able to begin the sales process right on the schedule.
Our visualizations not only provided potential buyers with a clear idea of what the finished building would look like, but also helped SuProspect secure the first reservations before the construction.
Overall, this project was a great success for both our team and SuProspect. The high-quality visualizations we created played a critical role in the client's ability to begin selling the apartments and moving forward with the development.

Visuals For The Spring Campaign

Virtual Tours Of The Apartments

Interior Renders

Sale Plans