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Posh 33 d.o.o.

About The Project

Client: Posh 33 d.o.o.

Investor: MPC

Project: naziv biroa

Godina: 2019

News Media: www.gradnja.rs

News Media: www.kurir.rs

1. Tackling a Tight Deadline: Creating Exterior Renderings for a New Commercial Building

In 2019, we received a call from our friend Branimir at marketing company Posh33. They were working on a new development project in the capital city of Belgrade and were in charge of creating the marketing campaign for it.
Branimir asked if our team could create exterior renderings and architectural visualizations of the new 22-floor commercial building that was under construction.

2. Bringing the Future to Life: Adding a 22-Floor Building to Drone Photos

They would provide drone photos and we needed to add the future building into those photos. The deadline was extremely short, but we were up for the challenge. We threw ourselves into the project and worked tirelessly for three sleepless nights to deliver the visuals on time.
3. A Marketing Success: The Completed Building Renting to Microsoft

Our client, Posh33, was extremely satisfied with the results and the renderings were used in many newspaper publications. A few months later, the building was rented to Microsoft, which we believe is a testament to the success of Posh33's marketing campaign.
It was a challenging project but we are happy that our hard work paid off.