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Exterior Renders

A Look Into The Future.
The Style Of Life In A New Building.

The visualisation of the exterior, brings buyers more invested with their future apartment. This allows them to imagine themselves in a new and improved environment.

3D render eksterijera zgrade u novogradnji noćna scena sa travnjakom i fudbalskim terenom

The application of a render in a brochure.

You will use the look of your object throughout all the phases of a selling process. From advertising on social media, through a site and a brochure.

Show your buyers that the bulding is in a good neighbourhood, and that it will have a lot of greenery and a playground nearby.

Don't tell them that this is an ideal opportunity for them, show them, and let them come to the conclusion themselves.

Eksterijer objekta odštampan u brošuri na stolu pored telefona na kom je otvoren sajt objekta čiji se stanovi prodaju

Social Media

Easily find your target audiance and bring in potential buyers. This is the place where buyers will come in contact with what you have to offer, and after that they will be redirected to your site.

Website Of The Building

Its a place where all the information is located in regards to your new project. The look of the building complex and the building itself, apartments and their accessibility. The call to action on the site should be "Call us and book a meeting".


After the call, the buyer will come to you. You will put the brochure infront of him, with a picture of the building that has the apartment which they want to buy. With the help of visuals, which we created for your selling team, the agents will guide the potential customer to make a reservation or to buy the apartment.

Construction Site Board And Fence

Putting a realistic look of the building that is being built on the construcion board and fence, you are gaining more awareness for the project and the company.

Is The Exterior Of Your Object Not To Your Liking

Our job is to vividly present your building in a natural environment, surrounded with people, with the aim of evoking positive emotions in the buyer, whcih leads to closing the deals.