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Virtual Tour

Give your client a chance to "walk" around the apartment

• A buyer that only sees a floor plan can easily be swayed by your competition, or tries to lower the price and it ends with:
"I will have to check with _____ before making a decision."

• If a buyer is "walking" around the apartment, for the third night in a row, they will come to you with the thought of buying it, in hopes that the apartment is still available.

Check Some Examples*:

* all shown apartments were sold well before the construction was finished.

Step 1

Draw In Your Buyers Through Social Media.

A buyer for an apartment in a new construction is an easy target group in a marketing campaign, but due to the competition it is hard to retain them.
Pop out with content that was created with one purpose - captivate them in those few seconds and bring them to your site.

A phone in the hands of a person with social media on it and the renders of various apartemnts and a laptop in the background with facebook open

A Laptop with a virtual tour of the aprtment. A phone that shows a 3D rotating floor plan of a building that is being built in Serbia
Step 2

Inside Of The Tour They Are Imagining A Life Inside Of That Apartment

After catching their attention with a video of a virtual tour, you will completely bring them in by presenting them with a variety of choices to "walk" thorough. It only takes a second to put up a virtual tour while the experience will last for hours. All you need is wi-fi and you can view it at any place and any time.

Step 3

Informed And Ready

The buyers are coming to you already aqcuainted with the apartment. They are ready to make decisions on the spot. You only have to show them where to sign.

Kupac stana u novogradnji potpisuje ugovor za kupovinu stana kod investitora sa prikazom virtualne ture na MacBook

Designed By Your Standards


The name of your brand is the most important thing that a buyer has to have infront of them while browsing for an apartment.

Mini Map

A simple 2D view of the apartment, while the colours are tailored to the colours of your brand.


These markers are used for movement, and they will be the logo of your company.


The buyer is only a click away from booking a meeting or calling.

We will give you an offer in 24h.

Send us an mail with:
- A project of the whole floor in question,
- The sale solutions you want and
- Your contact information.